Miopocket 4.0

It's not a new GPS theme or buttons like the Ottonavi stuff but it now has a tremendous amount of functionality from the SD card. Successful little Update on Flyaudio Theme: Also made it so that choosing Cancel in any of those sub-menus throws you back to previous menu, not to the root menu of MioPocket Settings. The biggest change is the awesome new shell, which we have user TroNik largely to thank for. Feedback is most welcome.

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SystemInformation used for the older, pre Also, the Start Menu is now re-directed to the flash drive. Copying a new MioPocket release over an old one will no longer overwrite the existing MioPocket. These scale to any resolution x, x, x, anything. Congratulations to all on a major accomplishment.

This is particularly handy for interacting with the CE desktop. H and all increase in file Unlock. I just installed it, so I have not looked at all the functions and programs it installed.

See the Readme file for a full list. Janne Sweden 92 Posts. For brands that MioPocket does not include specific instructions for, there are also some general instructions for SD-free installation on just about any device, but it's miopockft a good idea to check around online especially in the gpspassion. Lieuallen USA 84 Posts.

Flyaudio E7572 works with MioPocket 4.0 release 68

Uninstallation via the "Uninstall MioPocket" icon will now ask if the miopockket want to delete MioPocket's files. Great release Osprey, There's much to explore! It is just a frontend from which you may launch the navigation software that came with your device or that you purchase separately.

Still, it's recommended to continue using the scripts because they free up about 1MB more memory, which is also 1MB more than could mmiopocket freed up in previous releases. Can someone help me please? Sorry for my simple english. If you are not sure maybe wait for better instructions. Great job Osprey and many other contributors!

Turn your GPS into a (MioPocket) PDA

Replaced the volume control utility with one that has a mute button and removed the muting behavior when it's launched. Folks, If you want to see what I did to my nav but it's not my youtube miopockwt I have mapped my gps to mioautorun.

Acton Prius Aug 27, Flyaudio E help DeatheggDec 14,in forum: Xp Sp3, Magellan v1. I did try to make it as familiar to MioPocket users as possible. In all, hopefully, people will still recognize it as MioPocket and come to appreciate how much of an improvement it is as they really start to work with it ex.

Turn your GPS into a (MioPocket) PDA

If you have any problems or questions not answered in the Readme, feel free to ask here. Also re-organized the skin folder, mainly by creating a "SystemInformation" sub-folder and moving all folders related solely to MP 3. Gen 3 Prius Audio and Electronics.

Use your own image as wallpaper and change many other elements. You must log in or sign up to post here. Every device is slightly different, though, and due to the great many brands and configurations that are out there, the ease of installation and the number of apps and features that actually work will vary.

More specifically the GPS.



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